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Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and well-being. There is strong evidence to suggest that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life. Conversely, the health risks from being alone or isolated in one’s life are comparable to the risks associated with smoking, blood pressure, and obesity.

Healthy Relationship can help one in –

Living Longer;
Effectively dealing with Stress;
Leading a wholesome quality life;
Feel Empowered.

On the contrary, poor Relationship Management could lead to –

Decreased Immune Function;
Higher Blood Pressure;
Social Alienation.

Marriage, under any religious system, is coming together of two persons, with specific intent to live together, and progress together. Marriage, as a system, supports maintaining healthy, and arguably the strongest Relationship between two individuals.

The concept of Marriage has traveled a long way from earlier times, when parents executed, what they believed, was their ‘responsibility’ – The responsibility of finding the right match for their child. The process was more dependent on Referrals, Astrological Matching, and Decision of Elders. The prevailing societal conditions suited this method. With passage of time, one more component was added to the process, viz., ‘Selection’. Elders started accepting the views of the boy or girl, and became open to look at ‘better options’. Most our elders were products of this system.

This method sustained, in spite of few deficiencies, for a long time. The joint family concept, dependencies, firm belief that Marriage is for ever, societal expectations, willingness to swallow differences, patience, power of time, (probably even lack of courage to ‘rebel), and many such attributes, ensured healthy sustenance of marriage.

Times have changed drastically, since. In current times, it has become more of ‘choice’ of the prospective couple. Quite possibly having realized that they did not have that much of ‘choice’ in deciding their life partner, and also keeping in tune with the need of times, today’s parents have started giving importance to the ‘choice’ of their children, right from the child’s early days. Added to this are the facts that today’s youngsters are better qualified, have equal earning opportunities, are globally mobile, and have financial independence. The joint family concept has long given way to the nucleus family system. All these have contributed to the prospective couples, more often than not, choosing themselves, and giving a window of opportunity for the elders to ‘approve’ the alliance.

While this method too has its advantages, of late, the impact of few critical disadvantages are being seen more frequently. Increased numbers in open admission of marital discords in Counselling Centers and Courts, bear testimony to this. The word ‘Divorce’, which was a taboo not long ago, has become an acceptable reality. Weak causes such as Ego Clash, False Pride, Lack of Trust, My way or Go to Hell Attitude, Inability to accept the other as they are, lack of concern about emotional impact one’s action has on others, are the major causes for increased number of marital discords.

Our society has firmly recognized the system of marriage. Law recognizes the Institution of Marriage. Our Society also desires that Marriages sustain the challenges of life, as it is a natural principle that every problem has a solution, and Divorce is not the only solution for marital discords.

Is there a system existing whereby couples, or for that matter, even prospective couples, gain a proper understanding of each other? Can someone provide a mentality match report, so that one can prepare oneself with the knowledge of how the other person is expected to behave under a given circumstance? Is there a process where couples are coached to build each other’s strength rather than one’s follies? Is there a facility whereby, even in the unavoidable situation of a legal separation, the event can be tackled with lots of dignity and respect?

Psychometric Assessments and Professional Coaching are the common answers to all the above questions. Of late, lots of people are opting to go through Psychometric Assessments to get a better picture of the personality, behavior, and communication styles of their life partner.

At DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited, we are thankful for the opportunities that we keep getting, in making a positive difference to the lives of individuals, vis-à-vis their life challenges. We constantly remind ourselves of our Mission to Touch, Move and Inspire every individual that we interact with. Fortunately, we are well supported by our Values, viz., Trust, Transparency, Completeness and Speed.

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