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September 12, 2016

212 Degrees


Water is arguably the best remedy for many ailments. Regular intake of water is known to relieve fatigue, cure headaches and even migraine, improve digestion, besides serving as a weight loss tool and toxin remover.  Drinking hot water is better, as it also provides remedy to nasal and throat congestion, prevents premature ageing, and for enhancing blood circulation and promotes a healthy nervous system.  Unfortunate part is that many people are not aware of the benefits of water, and even among those who are knowledgeable about it, very few practice intake of water as a therapy.

As a social animal, we are surrounded by people. The quality of our personal and professional life is dependent on the way we represent ourselves and the way we treat others.  Like regular intake of water can cure several health related illnesses, regular reflection on the way we represent ourselves and the way we treat others can be a wonderful remedy for several relationship issues.

Like there is a desired methodology to intake water, there is a desired methodology to perform reflection.

While Scientific Psychometric Assessments work as a fantastic diagnostic tool, in terms of Relationship and Individual Development, Professional Coaching complement as a Prescription Tool.

Let me return to water, once again.

Up to 211 Fahrenheit Degrees, water is either cold or hot. At 212 Degrees, the water starts boiling, and at that temperature, steam gets generated. This magical transformation, gives the same water a gigantic dimension.  The Steam can move locomotives.  Full potential of water is realized only after reaching 212 Degrees.  For the water to get this mammoth transformation, a treatment had to be given, viz., heating the water.

Similarly, Business Organizations, by virtue of having resources, will be producing some results, and therefore, will be useful in its own way, to its constituents.  However, for the Organization to realize its full potential, and achieve a lasting transformation, it needs to undergo a proper transformation process.  High Performing Organizations are known to operate at ‘212 Degree Fahrenheit’.

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